Rates are calculated according to the higher of actual and volumetric weight and are subjected to change without prior notice. Shipment weights and contents are rechecked at our warehouse.
Door to Airport rates can be requested, and it's normally about 20-40% cheaper than Door-to-Door rates.

What is Volumetric Weight?

Volumetric weight is the space which the goods will occupy and is calculated with the below formulas:


{Length (cm) x breadth (cm) x height (cm)} ÷ 5000.


{Length (cm) x breadth (cm) x height (cm)} ÷ 6000.


{Length (cm) x breadth (cm) x height (cm)} ÷ 4000.

Airline Restrictions Explained:

Airlines have two restrictions: weight and space. It is standard industry practice to compare the actual weight of a shipment and the volumetric weight, and charge the higher of the two.

eg. It is due to the volumetric weight factor being applied, that a souvenir wood giraffe weighing only 15kg actual weight can end up being charged for 58kg volumetric weight. {Length (65cm) x breadth (37cm) x height (120cm)} ÷ 5000. (Door-to -door) = 57.72kg > 58kg

a Rate?

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