Dear Sylvia,

My luggage just arrived, thank-you so much! So much sooner than I expected it too, as well. Extremely impressed with your company and I willl certainly be using you guys again.
Thanks again.

Have a great day!


Hey Sylvia,

I wasn't sure if I let you know, but I wanted to inform you that all my boxes have arrived in good order, thank you very much for all your help, I really appreciated everything!

Kind regards,

Hi Howard,

Thank you again for your amazing packing, everything arrived in superb condition, az always.
Thank you too for arranging the frequent updates and immediate notification at this end.
We've NEVER before had more than a day in which to fetch my goods.
This time we were told when the flight actually arrived and thus had several days within which to schedule collection.
That is truly luxurious, superlative service. Keep well and happy.

Until next time,

warm regards,

Dear Frieda,

Thank you for keeping me informed about our package from South Africa. It was delivered yesterday & everything that was unwrapped was perfect. With the way it was all wrapped I can't imagine how anything could break.

It was a pleasure visiting your store & I am sure you will see some members of our family back there at some time.

Mary Mitchell

Dear Frieda,

The shipment arrived in good condition this afternoon.

Thank you.

Russ Suskind

Dear Mrs. Lemers,

Many thanks for your feed-back and appologize for my late response.

Just wanted again to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your assistance in shipping our goods to Montreal, Canada. Everything went all fine and smooth from Clearing until the good reception at the airport.

Once again, thank you very much for your assistance and looking forward to use your services one more time in the future.

Kind Regards,
Olivier Uhlmann

Dear Frieda,

Thank you. Our shipment arrived on Monday, I was so pleased. I am extremely impressed at the efficiency of you and the company. The packaging was superb and such a short pick-up - delivery time. I am singing your praises to all my friends.

Thank you all once again.

Joanna and Brian Rowland

Hi Frieda,

The consignment arrived OK, everything is packed out in our home.
The whole customs clearing and inspection process was simple and straight forward, just like you had said.

Thanks again for the great customer service - will definitely recommend you to others.

Kind Regards,
Louis and Birgit Eybers

Thank you Frieda,

Everything arrived safely!,

Lynne Perl